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Affordable Housing

What is Affordable Housing?

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Affordable Housing allows eligible and qualified applicants to purchase at below market prices. Purchase prices are income-based and income limits will vary by project. The Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC) is the primary agency charged with overseeing affordable housing, financing, and development in Hawaii. 

A buyer's total household income based on family size may not exceed the % of AMI set for each particular project.


Refer to the 2022 AMI chart for family size and corresponding income limits for Honolulu.

What are the benefits?

  • Allows applicants to purchase below market prices.

  • No asset limits.

  • Gifting and co-signing are permissible. 

  • No household size limits (subject to City & County of Honolulu ordinances).

  • Shared Appreciation Equity is a percentage of appreciation and can be paid off at any time.


What is the Buyback Program?


The owner is required to be an owner occupant for a set number of years that can vary but are typically 10 years. The buyback program gives the HHFDC the first option to purchase the property in the event of a sale or transfer during the required number of years of ownership. Owner occupancy is a requirement during this period. The restriction automatically terminates at the end of period from the recording date.

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We Are Unique

Our vast project sales experience has shown that many Buyers walk into a project without an Agent to represent them and end working directly with the project sales team, who in reality represent the seller (developer).  We see Buyers at the lottery who are confused and under pressure trying to make one of their largest financial decisions without a Buyer's Agent by their side to consult with and assist them. 


Our InKakaako sales team works on your behalf as your Buyer's Agent, and we never charge a fee or commission. We are compensated by the developer. So it doesn't cost you anything to have us work for you in your best interest from start to finish, and from application to recordation.


  • We will coordinate and schedule a personalized showroom tour of the desired project or projects.

  • Assist with the application pickup process.

  • Assist with lender recommendations in obtaining pre-qualification letters whether utilizing financing or purchasing in cash.  All developers have a specific list of approved lenders for their project.  We can arrange for an experienced project lender from their list of approved lenders for the language of your choice.

  • Assist with the application submittal process to meet all deadlines.

  • Offer suggestions and recommendations for determining the best unit selections and backup choices.

  • Implement strategies that may increase your chances of greater success during selection day.

  • Accompany you to the lottery or public drawing and unit selection.

  • Accompany you to contract signing.

  • Assist with project Amendments.

  • Coordinate and accompany you to final walk through and closing at completion of project.

  • Hand you your keys and congratulate you for persevering through this entire process and becoming a new Homeowner!

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