Reserved Housing 

What is Reserved Housing?

On Oahu, the Kaka`ako district in urban Honolulu is fast becoming an attractive and vibrant residential community that represents a unique housing opportunity for Hawaii residents trying to relocate closer to the Honolulu business district and Waikiki while substantially reducing their daily commute time to work.


Reserved housing is designed to provide affordable housing in the Kaka’ako area for buyers earning less than 140 percent of Honolulu area median income (AMI) as established from time to time by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


New for 2018, at 140% AMI, income limits start at  $94,100 for a 1 person household up to $134,400 for a 4 person household. All buyers will need to go through a qualifying process to ensure they meet the HCDA reserve housing requirements as well as lender requirements. 

                                                          1- person   2- person  3- person  4- person  5- person  6- person  7- person  8- person

                 Low Income 80%                 65,350        74,650       84,000       93,300       100,800     108,250     115,700     123,200

Area Median Income 100%                 67,200        76,800       86,400       96,000       103,700     111,350     119,050     126,700

                                     110%                 73,900        84,500       95,050     105,600       114,050     122,500     130,950     139,400

                                     120%                 80,650        92,150     103,700     115,200       124,400     133,650     142,850     152,050

                                     130%                 87,350        99,850     112,300     124,800       134,800     144,750     154,750     164,750

                                     140%                 94,100      107,500     120,950     134,400       145,150     155,900     166,650     177,400



Type                          Studio     One Bedroom     Two Bedroom     Three Bedroom     Four Bedroom    Five Bedroom

Adjustment                 70%            80%                      Base                     108%                      116%                       124%


*For each person in excess of eight, the four‐person income limit should be multiplied by an additional 8 percent. (For example, the nine‐person limit equals 140 percent [132 + 8] of the relevant four‐person income limit.) *Income limits are rounded to the nearest $50.

*HUD base figures (underlined) were interpolated by HCDA. This chart is provided as a guide only. 

The Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) is a State agency that was established to supplement traditional community renewal methods by promoting and coordinating public and private sector community development. 

What are the benefits?

Ideal Location

*  Provides first-time home buyers with an opportunity to live in Kaka'ako, the most vibrant, fastest 

    growing area on Oahu.

Great Value

*  Allows eligible and qualified applicants to purchase at below market prices.

Gifts & Co-signing Allowed

*  Gifting and co-signing provide home buyer assistance and the opportunity for homeownership.

Supporting Local Residents

*  Reserved housing provides an opportunity for local residents to live in a brand new development that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

What are the qualifications?


*  At least 18 years of age, and a U. S. Citizen or permanent resident; 

*  May not have a majority interest in a principal residence or a beneficial interest in a land trust on a principal                     residence within or without the State for a period of 3 years immediately prior to the date of application for a    

    reserved housing unit;

*  May not have a spouse or dependent child who has a majority interest, in a principal residence or a beneficial

    interest in a land trust on a principal residence within or without the State for a period of 3 years immediately prior       to the date of application for a reserved housing unit;

*  May not be the owner or lessee and occupant of a reserved housing unit; 

*  May not have a record or history of conduct or behavior, including past rent payments, which may prove 

    detrimental to other tenants or the authority. This criterion shall be applied within parameters set by federal laws in       discrimination including the Americans with Disabilities Act;

*  Be able to provide income & asset verification.

*  Regulated term, buy back, & shared equity requirements apply.

The HCDA website has copies of all current rules and can be found at

More questions?  

To get registered for "Reseved Housing" opportunities or for more info click HERE

We Are Unique

Our vast project sales experience has shown that many Buyers walk into a project without an Agent to represent them and end working directly with the project sales team, who in reality represent the seller (developer).  We see Buyers at the lottery who are confused and under pressure trying to make one of their largest financial decisions without a Buyer's Agent to consult with and assist them. 


Our InKakaako sales team works on your behalf as your Buyer's Agent, and we never charge a fee or commission. We are compensated by the developer. So it doesn't cost you anything to have us work for you in your best interest from start to finish, and from application to closing.


*  We will coordinate and schedule a personalized showroom tour of the desired project or projects.

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    lender from their list of approved lenders for the language of your choice.

*  Assist with the application submittal process to meet all deadlines.

*  Offer suggestions for determining the best unit selections and backup choices.

*  Implement strategies that may increase your chances of greater success during selection day.

*  Accompany you to the lottery or public drawing and unit selection.

*  Assist with contract signing.

*  Assist with project Amendments.

*  Coordinate and accompany you to final walk through and contract signing at completion of project.

*  Hand you your keys and Congratulate you for persevering through this entire process and becoming a new